“Colin has thirty years experience in planting churches in post-Christian Britain. His experience shows as he tackles the challenge of planting multiple congregations to reach a city. This is a book for church planters and church leaders who want to reach their city through planting multisite churches.”

Steve Addison – Author of Pioneering Movements: Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches.

“Colin has a wealth of wisdom and experience in planting multisite churches, so this book is an absolute goldmine. Buy it. Read it. Underline it. Then read it again.”

Phil Moore – Senior Leader Everyday Church London

We need many more new churches and community based “sites” to be planted to reach this nation and other nations with the gospel.  I therefore enthusiastically commend ‘Multiplanting’ to you.”

David Devenish – Team Leader, Newfrontiers Together Team.

“The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. This excellent book encourages us to pray hard, pursue the presence of God and pioneer the planting of multiple sites that effectively reach their local communities.”

Ralph Cunnington – Co Leader – City Church in Manchester and Chair of City to City UK

“Colin’s unique blend of visionary yet practical approach, his ability to raise up leaders, his wisdom to fix broken or stuck people or situations and the way he lays out the path through to where we need to go I know will profoundly impact you as you read this book.”

Simon Holley – Senior Leader, King’s Arms Church & Catalyst Team Leader